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Bounotsu Clay Plate

One Kiln Ceramics

  • Kido-san hikes into the countryside of Kagoshima to dig the clay used in this handcrafted bowl. To cement the connection to the land, Kido-san stamps into the back of the plate the latitude & longitude of where he harvests the clay. The cracked, spotted appearance of this rose-hued piece attests to its handmade nature.

    • Size -- approximately 8 ½ inches in diameter and ⅞ inches tall
    • Recommended to wash by hand with mild soap and water
    • Made in Japan
  • At his studio One Kiln Ceramics Kido-san creates handmade pottery that evokes the beauty of his native Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

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Category: Pottery

Vendor: One Kiln Ceramics