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Sliced Dried Shiitake Mushrooms - 40g


  • Takehisa’s Dried Shiitake are some of the best because they are grown slowly over the winter, which amplifies their aroma and earthy umami flavor. While not as intense as the Donko shiitake we carry, these dried mushrooms have mild shiitake flavor while maintaining wonderful umami. And because they’re sliced, they are incredibly easy to use. Just rehydrate in warm water for five minutes and then use in all kinds of applications like miso soup, omelets, pot roast, risotto, nabe recipes, braises, etc.

    Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

    Best By date of August 31, 2022.

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    Ingredients: dried shiitake mushroom

    Product Attributes:

    • 40g bag
    • Grown in Kyushu, Japan


  • For over 85 years Takehisa has been a family-owned shiitake company located in Chikugo in Kyushu.

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