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Volcanic Ash Round Bowl - Large

One Kiln Ceramics

  • From One Kiln studio in Kagoshima comes this beautiful bowl. Into the clay Kido-san mixes volcanic ash from the local active volcano called Sakurajima. This gives the piece a wonderful dark color with iridescent highlights. The inside is finished with a white glaze and the line between the glaze and the ash used on the outside yields a bluish-green halo. This bowl is large enough for a hearty donburi or lunchtime salad.

    • Size -- approximately 6⅜ inches in diameter x 2⅝ inches tall
    • Please wash by hand with mild soap and water
    • Made in Kagoshima, Japan
  • At his studio One Kiln Ceramics, Kido-san creates handmade pottery that evokes the beauty of his native Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

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