Konbu Doi

Konbu Doi

For over 110, years Konbu Doi has been dedicated to supplying the highest quality konbu (dried kelp).  Out of their current shop on a traditional street in the Tanimachi section of Osaka, Konbu Doi sells only Ma Konbu sourced from the clean, cold waters off Kakkumi-hama in Hokkaido.

Konbu Doi works directly with the fishermen to hand select the best Ma Konbu.  Every summer they travel to Hokkaido to go out with the fishermen in their boats and help with the harvest.  In doing so, Konbu Doi has created deep and lasting relationships with the konbu fishermen and their communities.  The konbu is then aged for a minimum of two years, at which point they consider the konbu to have reached its peak flavor.

Konbu Doi is currently run by 4th generation Jun’ichi Doi, who is regarded by many as a leading konbu master.  He & his company have been the subject of numerous newspaper & magazine articles, TV shows appearances and was featured in the famous food manga “Oshinbo”.  They have even published a konbu cookbook.  Their konbu is used by many high-end restaurants in Japan.

Doi-san is dedicated to preserving traditional Japanese food culture, especially that of his hometown Osaka.  Most important to this food culture is dashi, the mother stock of Japan.  As one of the three ingredients in dashi, using quality konbu is very important.

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