Aimono Konbu

Aimono Konbu

Aimono Konbu was founded over 70 years ago in Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture. In the days of wooden sailing ships, Toyama was one of the major stops on the “Konbu Road” from Hokkaido to Osaka & Kyoto. To this day, konbu (especially the Rausu variety) continues to be an important part of the local Toyama cuisine.

In the cold waters off the far northeastern edge of Hokkaido grows wild Rausu konbu. During its two-year growing period, Rausu konbu changes dramatically. At the end of the first year it is almost translucent and yellowish-red in color. By the end of the second year it is thicker and darker in color…almost black. It is at this point, during the months of July & August, that the konbu fishermen harvest the kelp. Bringing their catch back to the local beaches, the fishermen begin the important processes of drying and aging the konbu. It is then packaged and sold at auction, where it is purchased by Aimono Konbu. This is where Aimono's vast knowledge of konbu comes into play - from the overall market and harvest conditions to the individual konbu fishermen's skill and history.

Additionally, Aimono continues the aging process in temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms at their warehouse just a few blocks away from the Sea of Japan.

Dashi made with Rausu konbu has a robust flavor and slightly hazy appearance. This is the konbu you want when making ramen or tonjiru – substantial & full of flavor.

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