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Horikawaya Nomura is a 300 plus year old soy sauce & miso brewery located in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture. Over the centuries, they have perfected their use of traditional techniques to produce some of the best soy sauce and miso that we have tasted.

We consider 18th generation Nomura-san to be a koji master. Depending on the final product, Nomura-san makes a different kind of koji. This allows him to harness the characteristics of each kind of koji to craft superior products and to give each of them their own distinct personality.

Horikawaya Nomura has always made their soy sauce using traditional techniques. Unlike most other brewers who have changed to cooking with natural gas, Horikawaya Nomura uses wood fires to boil the soybeans, warm the koji room and toast the wheat.

It is with this same care & dedication to traditional methods that Nomura-san produces his amazing miso. Made in small batches at different times of the year, Horikawaya Nomura miso is a very special product with limited availability. We are fortunate to be able to introduce it to our customers.

Products from Horikawaya Nomura

Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce - 200ml

Aka (Red) Miso

Awase (Mixed) Miso

Shiro (White) Miso

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