Matoba Suisan

Matoba Suisan

Located in the port town of Makurazaki in the far southern end of Kyushu, Matoba Suisan uses traditional methods to make katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna). Third generation Matoba-san believes that while many in the food industry have chosen expediency, his company must stick to tried and true methods to produce a high quality product. He is fiercely protective of the traditional methods used at his company, perhaps because his products are used to make dashi, which is the foundation of traditional Japanese cuisine. With only two ingredients plus water, dashi should be made with only the best. Matoba-san must feel the great weight of responsibility to produce high quality katsuobushi that can yield a dashi worthy of the best traditional Japanese cuisine.

There are many steps in the process of producing katsuobushi, none of which lend themselves to automation. Because of this Matoba Suisan's katsuobushi is crafted by hand by skilled artisans. The proof is in the aroma & taste of Matoba-san's katsuobushi. When paired with quality konbu, Matoba-san's katsuobushi produces a dashi with a deep, round flavor full of umami.

To learn more about Matoba Suisan and how they produce katsuobushi, please see our blog post from our visit there.

Katsuobushi - Fermented Flakes - 70g

Katsuobushi - Fermented Thick Shavings - 70g

Katsuobushi - Fermented Thin Shavings - 70g

Katsuobushi - Flakes - 70g

Katsuobushi - Thick Shavings - 70g

Katsuobushi - Thin Shavings - 70g