Uneno Co., Ltd.

Uneno Co., Ltd.

The fourth-generation owners Motofusa & Yoshiko Uneno are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet.  They consider themselves stewards of the earth and focus their company in that same way.  Rishiri Konbu and Katsuobushi are their primary focus, which enables them to make excellent, additive-free instant dashi packs -- a refreshing change since most instant dashi is loaded with MSG.

In regard to their konbu, they harvest both wild and farmed, all from Rishiri Island off of Hokkaido’s northern-most point.  Uneno-san believes this type of konbu to be among the best in the world for flavor.  In dealing with farmed konbu, they believe that the konbu farmer, like on land, has as much to do with the flavor as does the growing region. Their konbu farmer, Mr. Minami, has been farming konbu for 30 years just for Uneno-san.

Products from Uneno

Rishiri Konbu - 65g

Rishiri Konbu - 500g

Dashi Pack - Katsuobushi & Konbu

Dashi Pack - Vegetarian