Luna Koshihikari Rice

Luna Koshihikari Shinmai Organic Rice is Sylvan's favorite rice that he uses at his restaurant.

From the producer:

This rice is Shinmai New Crop harvested at the end of October 2023, air dried and milled December 1, 2023. Due to the fresheness of the rice, when cooking it is recommended to cut back the water ratio. For a full explanation, please refer to the Rintaro cookbook chapter GOHAN, specifically page 204.

‘Koshihikari’ is seldom grown organically, except by knowledge- able and experienced farmers. It is the classic Premium short grain rice variety, for flavor, texture, and translucent moonlight white grain. It is widely accepted, even among rice growers, as one of the most difficult rice varieties to organically farm, dry, and mill for a Premium Rice grade, generally taking a month longer in its growing season.

This rice is a pure ‘Koshihikari’. It is single origin, unblended, & pesticide free, representing years of experience. Organically grown in the Sacramento Valley, California, by a 4th generation Rice Farmer,it has been drill seeded, air dried without heat, to preserve its natural white color and sweet flavor, then milled to an elegant soft luster. Far West Rice Mill has used the best ‘Kapika’ Technology equipment to finely calibrate the digitally controlled milling process, to maximize flavor of the natural rice.

This organic ‘Luna Koshihikari’ is crafted by old world knowledge and experience in every facet of production, using the best laser technology for water conservation, and latest digitally controlled milling equipment using 85% Sunpowered Solar Energy to produce USDA Organic Grade #1 Premium Rice.