One Kiln Ceramics

One Kiln Ceramics

Situated at the far end of the island of Kyushu, Kagoshima is the southern-most large city on the main islands of Japan. Our visit to Kagoshima revealed a city teeming with artisans of all kinds. Kido-san is one of these dedicated artisans. His studio, One Kiln, is nestled in a residential neighborhood of Kagoshima. A passionate potter, Kido-san's work reflects the nature of Kagoshima Prefecture, which is abundant in natural beauty. From the ash-laded soils of Sakurajima volcano to the clay he digs in the surrounding countryside, Kido-san's handmade pottery is a testament not only to his own creativity but also to his beloved Kagoshima. We believe the colors, forms and textures of his work perfectly balance the modern and the traditional.


Products from One Kiln

Volcanic Ash Oval Platter - Large

Volcanic Ash Oval Bowl

Volcanic Ash Round Platter - Large

Volcanic Ash Round Bowl - Large

Volcanic Ash Round Bowl - Small