Kudzu Starch - 1kg
Kudzu Starch - 1kg
Kudzu Starch - 1kg
Kudzu Starch - 1kg
Kudzu Starch - 1kg
Kudzu Starch - 1kg

Kudzu Starch - 1kg

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    Kudzu starch (called kuzu in Japan) is made from the kudzu root and is traditionally used in Japan for its thickening properties and in the making of wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). When used as a thickener it acts like other starches such are cornstarch or arrowroot, but it has superior flavor and texture. It does not leave a starchy taste or appear overly cloudy. Use it to replace those other starches when making pie fillings, etc. We often use it for a glaze on top of chawan mushi. In the hotter months, the Japanese make chilled noodles using only kudzu starch and water, which they dip into a brown sugar syrup - refreshing!
    This comes in small chunks (not powder) that easily breaks down when water is added.

    Ingredients: kudzu starch

    Product Attributes:

    • 1kg plastic bag
    • Made in Nara Prefecture, Japan


  • Morino Yoshino, based in Nara Prefecture, has been making kudzu starch for over 450 years. Made using only wild kudzu root and spring water, Morino Yoshino’s kudzu starch is of the highest quality. It is used to thicken sauces & soups and in various traditional Japanese confections.

    Learn more about Morino Yoshino

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