Green Yuzu Kosho, Premium Organic
Green Yuzu Kosho, Premium Organic
Green Yuzu Kosho, Premium Organic
Green Yuzu Kosho, Premium Organic

Green Yuzu Kosho, Premium Organic

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  • This wonderful condiment comes from the mountainsides of Miyazaki Prefecture where Kagura No Sato grows their own organic yuzu and organic chili peppers. After the chili peppers are harvested (July to September), they have their tops removed, are put in salt for one month, and then frozen. The yuzu is harvestd a bit later (September to mid-October) when their skins are still green. But what sets Kagura No Sato’s Premium Organic Yuzu Kosho apart is that they painstakingly remove only the skin of the yuzu, leaving behind any bitter pith. Further, while other companies grind the yuzu skin, Kagura No Sato slices the skin to retain more of the fragrant yuzu oils. The prepared yuzu skin is then put in salt for just one day, preserving the flavor and color, and then frozen. The salted chilis and yuzu skin are not combined until just before packaging. The resulting condiment has a nice texture from the sliced yuzu skin, a bright yuzu citrus aroma, mild heat, and a pleasant saltiness with only a slight bitterness to balance. Use this in any dish when you want to add some salty/yuzu/chili pepper heat, especially broths, dressings, Karaage, etc.

    Refrigerate after opening.

    Ingredients: organic green yuzu, organic green chili pepper, salt

    Product Attributes:

    • 40g glass jar
    • Made in Miyzaki Prefecture, Japan



  • Just outside a tiny village deep in the mountains of rural Miyazaki Prefecture lies Kagura no Sato. Determined to stop the outflow of inhabitants from this area, founder Hamasuna-san decided to create a company to both employ local workers and make products that highlight the high quality organic yuzu fruit they grow on the steep hillsides.

    Learn more about Kagura no Sato

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