Two-handed pot with lid - 3.5 quarts
Two-handed pot with lid - 3.5 quarts
Two-handed pot with lid - 3.5 quarts
Two-handed pot with lid - 3.5 quarts
Two-handed pot with lid - 3.5 quarts

Two-handed pot with lid - 3.5 quarts

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  • We had been searching for high quality cookware for a while and finally found it when we visited 3rd generation Fuukidou in Niigata Prefecture. In their small workshop we found a handful of people sitting on tatami mats, hand hammering copper cookware. It takes time, skill, and patience to make these beautiful copper products. They are as artisanal as the ingredients we already carry, making Fuukidou a perfect addition to our offerings from Japan. To learn more about Fuukidou, click here.

    Not only is Fuukidou's copper cookware beautiful, it has many practical benefits. Most importantly, copper is an amazing conductor of heat, which means if you change the temperature on the stovetop, the temperature of your pot will change almost immediately, allowing you to cook with more precision. It also heats evenly, which helps prevent hot spots and makes food less likely to burn or stick. Copper is also very durable and corrosion resistant. With proper care, this cookware can last a lifetime.

    We love the unique finish on the outside of Fuukidou’s pieces, which is achieved by the traditional Japanese practice of baking on tin to the outside of the piece. This yields a wonderful almost rose gold-hued finish with the individual hammer strikes reflecting the light. This finish is quite unlike the shiny copper-colored finish on copper cookware from other producers. Meanwhile, the tin coating employed on the inside leaves a silver-colored finish. The tin coating on the outside of the piece also makes it less susceptible to discoloration from oxidation.

    Created by the meticulous craftsmen at Fuukidou, this hand-crafted 3 ½-quart pot is perfect for making stews or dishes like Mapotofu, Japanese curry, etc.

    • Made of copper and tin
    • Handles made of bronze
    • Liquid capacity - 3 ½ quarts (3.3 liters)
    • Pot Size - 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches x 3 ¼ inches
    • Pot handles - 2 inches x 3 ¼ inches
    • Lid Size - 9 ½ inches x ¾ inch
    • Lid Handle - 1 inch x 2 ¼ inches
    • Made by hand in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

    Care and Usage Instructions from Fuukidou:

    • Before using the item for the first time, wash with a soft, non-scratch sponge and kitchen detergent.
    • Copper has good thermal conductivity, so be careful not to burn the food.
    • The flame should be same size as the bottom of copper pot.
    • Heating an empty pan may damage the tin plating. An empty, hot pan must not be cooled suddenly. Please wait for it to cool down.
    • If the item is in bad condition, please contact us.
    • When using double-handled pot for deep frying, cover the bottom with oil. The same applies to using the frying pan. When deep frying, make sure not to cook at 200℃ (392℉) or above. Do not use as an air fryer.
    • If the pot is washed immediately after cooking, residue will come of easily with a soft sponge. Heavier residue can be removed by using a firm sponge. Do not use knives, etc. to remove burned-on foods. Caution: Abrasive scrub sponges may cause tin plating to peel. Therefore, do not use steel brushes, scouring powder or abrasives.
    • After use, wash well by hand and dry completely. Do not put it in the dishwasher.
    • The handle, as well as the pan, will get hot so please be careful.
    • When carrying the pan, use a kitchen glove to lift it. Put it on a pot stand.
    • Steam from the hole in the lid may cause burns, so be careful. *There is a vent hole on the edge of some lids.
    • Avoid overheating, especially when a lid with no vent hole is used.
    • Do not fill to the brim when cooking.
    • Do not store food in the pot.
    • The pan cannot be used on electric burners, in microwave ovens, in other ovens or on induction burners.

    Green Patina on Copper
    Green patina is a type of rust that forms on the surface of copper. It has been proven not to be harmful to people's health unless ingested.

    Patina on Brass Handles
    If brass products are stored with salt or acidic residue on them, rust will appear on the bronze as a patina. (It can also occur if water is left on it as well.) While the patina has been proved harmless, getting it into one's eyes can prove unpleasant and can lead to pain.
    If patina occurs, use a coin or a wooden spoon to scrape it off, and afterwards, using a rather stiff sponge wash the pan out and dry it well.

  • Located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, Fuukidou is a 3rd generation artisanal producer of hand-crafted copperware.

    Learn more about Fuukidou

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