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Sansho Powder (Budo variety) - 100g

Yamamoto Katsunosuke

  • The same size used by chefs!

    One of the oldest spices in human history, often called Japanese pepper or prickly ash. This sansho is the from the highly-prized Budo variety. It has a very distinct citrus/floral nose and numbing effect on the tongue. It pairs really well with grilled meats, BBQ eel, scallops, etc. Keep in freezer when not using to preserve freshness.

    Ingredients: Japanese pepper (sansho)

    Product Attributes:

    • 100g package
    • Grown in Wakayama, Japan

    Favorite Use:

    • Sprinkle lightly on grilled meats.
  • Founded over 135 years ago in Wakayama Prefecture, Yamamoto Katsuonosuke works with local farmers to produce sansho that is amazingly fragrant and wonderfully cooling and numbing on the tongue.

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