Our Producers

Horikawaya Nomura
This brewery has been making this soy sauce for over 300 hundred years and has never modernized their production methods.
Hanamaruki Foods
Hanamaruki Foods produces the unique Liquid Shio Koji in Ohtone just outside of Tokyo.

Uneno Co., Ltd.
Uneno supplies Rishiri Konbu from the cold, clean waters off the north shore of Hokkaido.

Nitto Jozo
Nitto Jozo uses mountain spring water from the beautiful mountains near Toyota to produce their white tamari.
Yamamoto Katsunosuke
Yamamoto Katsunosuke produces amazing Budo Sansho.
Ito Shoten
For over 200 years Ito Shoten has produced traditional tamari in Aichi Prefecture.

Yamaki Jozo
Founded in 1902 in Saitama Prefecture, Yamaki Jozo produces artisanal soy sauce using mountain spring water.
Iio Jozo

For over 120 years Iio Jozo has been brewing rice vinegar using traditional methods.

Yugeta Shoyu
Yugeta Shoyu is a 98 year old soy sauce company located in Saitama Prefecture outside of Tokyo.
Konbu Doi
For over 100 years Konbu Doi has been supplying the highest quality Ma Konbu to leading restaurants in Japan.
Wadaman Co., Ltd.
Wadaman Co., Ltd. is located in Osaka, Japan and has been roasting sesame seeds for more than 130 years.