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This salad is adapted from a Wadaman recipe. Every time I have made this salad I think the amount of dressing will be too much, but trust me, it works. The cabbage’s high water content mellows the strong flavors.

12 ounces Napa cabbage
2 ounces Aburaage (fried tofu pouches)
¼ cup Konbu Dashi made with Aimono Rausu Konbu
1 teaspoon Suehiro Usukuchi Soy Sauce with Koji
1½ tablespoons Horikawaya Nomura Shiro (White) Miso
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons Wadaman Roasted Organic White Sesame Seeds

Remove the hard-fibrous parts of the cabbage and cut the remaining into 2 inch x 2 inch chunks. Steam the cabbage in a steamer for 4 minutes then transfer to a colander and let cool. Meanwhile bring a small pot of water to a boil and add the aburaage and cook one minute. This helps to remove excess oil. Remove the aburaage from the water, let cool, then cut into strips ½ inch wide.

In a small bowl add the dashi, soy sauce, miso & sugar and mix well. In a suribachi (Japanese mortar) grind the sesame until about half of the seeds are broken down into a paste . Then add the cabbage and aburaage to a large bowl, dress it with the miso dressing and toss with plenty of the ground sesame seeds. Serve immediately.

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