Shiro (White) Miso - 200g - SEASONAL
Shiro (White) Miso - 200g - SEASONAL
Shiro (White) Miso - 200g - SEASONAL
Shiro (White) Miso - 200g - SEASONAL
Shiro (White) Miso - 200g - SEASONAL

Shiro (White) Miso - 200g - SEASONAL

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  • This is one of those seasonal products that we are so excited to get, plus it is made for only a short time, so what we have is what we have for this season.

    I have never tasted a shiro (white) miso that was this fresh. Odd to say for a fermented product, but completely true, since it has a nice pleasant tanginess, instead of being just sweet. Since Nomura-san uses different koji for each of his 3 misos and his shoyu, you can really taste that this miso was made with intense koji love. It is one of the most delicate white miso I have ever tried. It is sweet, without being sweet and salty without being salty, but what really stands of is the floral koji flavor. Use where you would typically use white miso in recipes, like miso soup.

    Keep refrigerated.

    Ingredients: rice, soybean, salt

    Shipping Notes: The miso is shipped with a cold pack to keep it cool during shipping. It is fine if the cold pack melts in transit, just place the miso in the refrigerator upon arrival.

    Product Attributes:

    • 200g plastic container
    • Made in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan



  • Horikawaya Nomura is a 300 plus year old soy sauce & miso brewery located in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture. Over the centuries they have perfected their use of traditional techniques to produce some of the best soy sauce and miso that we have tasted.

    Learn more about Horikawaya Nomura

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