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Nitto Jozo

  • When we started selling to restaurants way back when, chefs often asked if we carried Shirodashi. Truthfully, I had never really used it before, but when I tried Nitto Jozo’s version I was hooked. It has become a mainstay in my pantry.

    Nitto Jozo’s Shirodashi base is their White Tamari, which is made up of only wheat, salt and water. Then Ninagawa-san skillfully incorporates shiitake, katsuobushi (from Matoba Suisan), sea salt, mirin, Ma Konbu and sugar. This condiment is meant for finishing, meaning when you just want to add a burst of flavor at the end of preparing dishes like soups, dressings, etc. The president of Nitto Jozo, Ninagawa-san says this is super delicious over steamed or boiled vegetables. It also works great when making rolled omelets (like our Dashi Maki Tamago recipe). 

    Refrigerate after opening.

    Ingredients: water, white tamari (water, wheat, sea salt, rice wine spirit), dried skipjack tuna, sea salt, mirin, sugar, rice wine spirit, dried shiitake mushroom, kelp (contains wheat & fish: skipjack tuna)

    Product Attributes:

    • 400 ml glass bottle
    • Made in Aichi, Japan
    • NOT Gluten Free
  • Started in 1938, Nitto Jozo produces artisanal white tamari utilizing Japanese wheat, sea salt and mountain spring water from the mountains of Toyota.

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