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Ma Konbu (Farmed)

Konbu Doi

  • This konbu (dried kelp) has been sourced by Konbu Doi from Kakkumi-hama in Hokkaido for the past twenty plus years.  It is sustainably farmed and harvested, hand-selected and aged.  Because it is full of umami and refined sweetness, Ma Konbu is the best for cooking with, whether it is used in a dashi or for wrapping fish (konbu-jimi).  Doi-san's Ma Konbu is stiff yet pliable.  When used to create konbu dashi (see link below) it creates a broth that has a touch of green color, a clean, briny scent and loads of umami flavor. This konbu satisfies the soul...

    Ingredients: kelp

    Product Attributes:

    • Farmed
    • 60g package
    • Product of Japan
    • Hand-selected & aged in Osaka, Japan


  • For over 110 years Konbu Doi has been dedicated to supplying the highest quality konbu (dried kelp).  Out of their current shop on a traditional shopping street in the Tanimachi section of Osaka, Konbu Doi sells only Ma Konbu sourced from the clean, cold waters off Kakkumi-hama in Hokkaido.

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