Aka (Red) Miso - 300g
Aka (Red) Miso - 300g
Aka (Red) Miso - 300g
Aka (Red) Miso - 300g
Aka (Red) Miso - 300g

Aka (Red) Miso - 300g

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  • This delicious workhorse aka (red) miso is both artisanally made and intended for everyday use. Rokko Miso ages it 5 to 8 months depending on the season in which it's made, in the summer shorter and winter longer. The gentle aging process produces a rich chocolate/dried fruit aroma, with sweet soy notes, medium saltiness, and a lingering umami finish. This flavor-packed miso is perfect for adding another depth of flavor to marinades, miso soup, stews, etc.

    Keep refrigerated.

    Please note that Rokko Miso's best by dates are listed as DD.MM.YY. For example, if the best by is listed as 01.12.24, the best by date is December 1, 2024.

    Ingredients: rice, water, soybean, salt, alcohol (contains: soy)

    Shipping Notes: The miso is shipped with a cold pack to keep it cool during shipping. It is fine if the cold pack melts in transit, just place the miso in the refrigerator upon arrival.

    Product Attributes:

    • 300g plastic container
    • Made in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan



  • Founded over 100 years ago, Rokko Miso crafts miso using traditional methods, selecting the highest quality locally-grown ingredients and paying especially strict attention to the koji-making process.

    Learn more about Rokko Miso

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