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Rausu Konbu - 50g

Aimono Konbu

  • Aimono sources their sustainably harvested Rausu konbu off the far northeastern edge of Hokkaido. This variety of konbu is a workhorse, or in other words, a great everyday konbu. Japanese chefs use dashi made with Rausu konbu for hearty dishes like ramen and tonjiru, where it lends a supporting role to the other strong flavors. It can add that depth of umami to your dishes that has been missing. It is also great to use for konbu curing of fish – known in Japanese as konbujime.

    Ingredients: kelp

    Product Attributes:

    • Wild
    • 50g package
    • Hand-Selected & Aged in Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan


  • Founded over 70 years ago, Aimono is a premium konbu supplier located in Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture. Their Rausu konbu, harvested from the clear, cold waters of far northeastern Hokkaido, is known for its strong flavor.

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