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Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese Seven Spice Mixture) - 100g


  • The same size used by chefs!

    A sansho & sesame heavy Japanese seven spice is the perfect condiment to pick up any poultry dish, miso soup or whatever you want to spice up.  Keep in freezer when not using to preserve freshness.

    Ingredients: golden sesame seeds, red chili pepper, Japanese pepper, orange peel, seaweed, black sesame seeds, amaranth

    Product Attributes:

    • Sesame & Sansho Forward
    • 100g package
    • Made in Japan


  • Wadaman Co., Ltd. is located in Osaka, Japan and has been a sesame manufacturer for more than 130 years. The 4th generation owner, Etsuji Wada, has been personally roasting the seeds for over 40 years. Known as the best roaster in Japan, his skills produce sesame seeds with a delicate & nuanced flavor like none other.

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Vendor: Wadaman