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Organic Soy Sauce - 300ml

Yugeta Shoyu

  • Yugeta's organic soy sauce is made from Japanese-grown organic soybeans and wheat. Traditionally aged in cedar vats for one year, this organic soy sauce has a yeasty, fermented nose and a light coffee color.  It is great for adding flavor to broths or for dipping.  Please refrigerate after opening.

  • Ingredients: water, organic soy bean, organic wheat, salt

    Product Attributes:

    • Organic
    • 300ml glass bottle
    • Made in Saitama, Japan


  • Yugeta Shoyu has been making soy sauce since 1923 just outside Tokyo in a village called Tawame, Saitama Prefecture.  Today the company is run by fourth generation Mr. Yohichi Yugeta, who is keeping alive traditional shoyu (soy sauce) making.  Yugeta Shoyu’s soy sauce is brewed naturally and uses only Japan-grown wheat and soybeans.

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