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Rishiri Konbu - 500g

Uneno Co., Ltd.

  • The same size used by chefs!

    Rishiri Konbu invokes the word delicate which is all that is Kyoto cuisine. Sustainably harvested off the coast of Rishiri Island in far northern Japan, this konbu is flavorful, yet mild.  It works perfectly to showcase each ingredient in a dish.  This konbu gives an umami pop in a subtle, elegant way.  We love this konbu when making beautiful dishes like chawan mushi, clear dashi soups, nimono, etc.

    Ingredients: kelp

    Product Attributes:

    • Wild
    • 500g package
    • Hand-Selected & Aged in Kyoto, Japan


  • Uneno Co., Ltd. is a fourth generation konbu and katsuobushi company based in Kyoto. Their hand-selected and aged Rishiri konbu is harvested from the pristine waters off far northern side of Hokkaido.

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Vendor: Uneno Co., Ltd.